Tucson area SR20/22 partnership

I am a 250 hour SEL Instrument-rated pilot with prior PA-28-180 ownership experience. I am looking for a pilot in Tucson area (TUS, Marana or Ryan) who would like to share in owning a SR20 or 22. I am open to partnering with a CFI who would like to use it for instruction.


Shyam Jha

If you’re still looking, contact me. I’m at AVQ.


Ken Reed

This is Phil… Hey I’m CSIP now so maybe I can use it.

Call me in a week… thx 520 222-6084

Hi Shyam- I am a Private Pilot, flying since 1976, SES, SEL, MEL with 700 plus hours. Working on my IFR and Comm, have passed the writtens. I live in Tucson, Tanque Verde area. From April to October I belong to a flying club in NH , where I have a C172, and an SR20 with Avidyne avionics, since someone broke into the hangar last spring and stole our Perspective equipment. I’m just starting the Cirrus transition program with Scottsdale Aviation. I would be interested in a partnership in a Cirrus in Tucson. I an be reached at 914 474 6979 or slalawman@aol.com. Thanks.

Dana Christian