Dallas/Fort Worth want to speak to owner of older sr22

A friend and I are considering purchasing an sr22. We have flown a new one but really would like to consider looking an older one (2001-2008). Had a few questions about ownership and would love to speak to someone about their experience and possibly fly one at some point. We live in Arlington Tx.

Are there any clubs in your area which rent them? I live in San Diego & am renting a G2 as I look for one to buy. The local club here has G1 and G2 models available (but nothing newer)

In Houston, and not an expert, but having just gone through the purchase process for a G2 SR22 I might have some useful info. Feel free to PM me for phone number.

I wish. I cannot find any local clubs with a Cirrus.

Contact COPA member Paul Jensen. he is a Cirrus guru.

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There are two places in Addison that rent cirrus. I think one in ft worth also.
CTL and Stature in Addison. Don’t know the name at Meacham

I am a little confused – are you wanting to speak to:

  • an older owner; or
  • an owner of an older

…SR 22? Either case, i am your guy.

In fact, I d love to sell you my older G2 that is virtually new with everything redone, except the paint, which doesn’t need it – never spent the night outside (ok, well maybe not never but hardly ever) and hangar-ed since new…new interior…landing boom beam light; wing tip lights…

New everything: avionics - 750; 650; dcf 90; flight stream; ads-b; parachute; engine overhauled (1700 hrs remain to overhaul) overhauled prop; ice protection; taws; traffic; air conditioning (factory)…and so much more!

Squawk free…call me about my plane ot to talk in general.


Thanks for the reply. I am a pretty new pilot (200 hrs). My good friend and I are interested in purchasing a plane and have it narrowed down to either a Cirrus, Piper Dakota or an older 182. I had the privilege of getting to fly a new Cirrus sr22 turbo this past week and it was amazing. I cannot begin to afford this plane but I really did enjoy the flight. I have been researching older 22’s (planes not owners. lol) and was just trying locate someone close the Dallas area who might own an older SR22 so I could compare the ride to the new one I flew. I will need to stay in the $250K range

Good news!
After 50 years of flying and 2300 total hours split between Cherokee 140, 180 and arrow, and in Cessna 152,172, 182, 210, a few dozen hours in seminoles; 100 rotor hours in Robinson 44; and 1700 hours in a cirrus and 150 hours in jet time…here’s my unsolicited advice:

There is no decision…cirrus, all the way! No contest…A great design; awesome avionics; parachute, speed, performance and a safety record second to none…

…spend a lot of time here on copa and embrace the culture of safety and search for the seven deadly sins in GA and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of safe flying…

As for a cirrus, I d opt for a G2 like the one I own that is for sale…the avionics, payload and upgrade path make it the ideal selection with the best value. I personally prefer the N/A versions (less Maintenace; fewer loss of power events)…has the Avidyne panel which I love…opt for factory air !

So, yeah, my plane is 100k over your budget, but, check this out…it’s pay now or pay later. My plane offers a newly overhauled proven power plant; overhauled prop; repacked chute, and totally pimped out… etc.etc…it’s a bargain in disguise.

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