Looking for CSIP instructor in the KSAT area

Hello I am brand new to COPA. A few partners and I have purchased a 2002 SR22 and insurance is requiring that we get our initial training from a CSIP CFI. I looked on the Cirrus website and one guy in the KSAT already has a full flying schedule and the other guy is unavailable as well. Any suggestions?

I would fly in somebody like Trip Taylor or someone from the Flight Academy and have him train you. You can split the costs and get some back seat pilot time as well.

Thank you Jim. Being brand new at this how would I get all the particulars about this, regarding CSIP availability, requirements and costs? I’m assuming if I go to the Cirrus website I will find a number for the “Flight Academy” Is that the best way?

Well my suggestion along with probably everyone else is find an instructor with a lot of time in that specific type. Trip flight Academy myself Mark Wages, Carol Jensen, Cliff Izer - everyone travels so just find someone you’re comfortable working with and move forward

Do a video of the River Walk when the sun is shining w/ people eating bbq & Tex-Mex outdoors, get a chart of the temperatures in San Antonio, send it to the guys Alex listed. Offer room & board & ask how much they will pay you to come down & spend time in the South while you fly them around…

Thanks Randy. Good idea.

Thanks Alex.


Sent you a private message.

Alex said it best. Just don’t use him if you provide drinks. He will break you. All mentioned in the post are awesome

And Ross will bankrupt you with oysters. Me, I’m partial barbecue.

Thanks guys for all the comments.