Hi, Every one.

My name is Adam. I am from danville ky.I Am A CFI / CFII / MEI / AGI / ATP With just over 3000 Hours. I am Thinking about becoming a CIRRUS STANDARDIZED INSTRUCTOR PILOT (CSIP). I have a cirus that I can use for free. But it will still cost my around $4000. Is it worth It? Will I be able to make my money back??. Is there a big market for (csip) Instructor’s?

Any comments

Simple answer, it’s a sunk cost. U can’t charge enough to recover the cert costs.

Hi Adam, I would research how many CSIP’s in your area, and how many Cirrus pilots. If you can, check into the reputation of local training.
Also, figure out how to be the best CSIP and Cirrus pilot/instructor. Joining COPA would be a good start, and a modest investment that will pay for itself many times over.


It doesn’t seem to be worth much. Some insurance companies aren’t requiring it anymore, and the training is mediocre at best. For the same money, you can second seat a Simcom slot and get a much much higher level of training in a much larger aircraft.

If you are intent on doing it, you might find someone interested in buying a new Cirrus and trade them the training slot for dual given and delivery of their aircraft.


I suspect it depends alot on your area and demand.

For example, here in Northern California, all the Cirrus instructors I know of are CSIPs and seem pretty busy. They get about $80/hr vs around $40-50 for a CFI from the local flight school (Cessna or Piper training) so I suspect it is worth it for them. Most only do Cirrus instruction.

If you are in an area with few planes and limited competition then being “Cirrus experianced” might get you the clients. Given the choice I prefer a CSIP as I know they must have some Cirrus knowledge. There are certainly great Cirrus CFIs and poor CSIPs, I guess. My insurance co. still refers to instructors as CSIPs, but that may be changing.

BTW, I believe there are criteria to maintain the CSIP rating too (certain number of transitions per yr etc.)