CSIP Arkansas

Hello Everyone.

I am based in Arkansas and looking for a CSIP to do some flight training. I am looking at making a SR20 or SR22 purchase in the near future but would like to find an instructor prior to purchase. Any help and all help is appreciated.


I used bud Williams for my transition training. He is excellent. He’s based out of Mississippi though. I don’t know of any CSIPs in Arkansas. PM me if you want his contact info.

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Bryan Brannon is based at KCXW just outside Little Rock. Fantastic guy and even better pilot. He has a lot of Cirrus time among other things. I can connect you if you would like.

Use Cirrus locator

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It seems Cirrus doesn’t update that very often, or he didn’t want to advertise as instructing isn’t his main job. He isn’t listed on there nor is anyone else for the state.

Hey Robbie. Thanks for the reply. I am actually in Conway myself and have reached out to him but no luck. I think he is busy enough on his on daily flying that taking on a student just isn’t feasible right now. I am a commercial rotary wing guy and only need to get 20hr instruction and 10 solo but finding someone to sell me a block of hours and the CSIP is the hard part right now. Even if I owned my own right now, getting the CSIP is a hurdle, plus no hangar space here…

There are specific requirements to fulfill to maintain CSIP designation, which is most likely why he is not listed. There are however many other options in Arkansas if you check the locator.

Thanks Thomas. I’ll dig some more. All I saw was the service center at KLIT when I searched around.

He just got it last month, so I would assume he is all up to date. I must not know how to use the link. I can’t find any Arkansas CSIPs listed on it.

I don’t know if anyone else @Patrick_Gunn. I’ll keep my ears open.