Additional Information - Pilot Proficiency Program

The Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program is being developed with the membership contributions of COPA members and is therefore open only to members. However, I am posting the following response written for the Members forum for the benefit of all non-members – and as an additional incentive for all SR2x owners to join COPA.

Bob, can you give us an idea of who the instructors are, the number of pilots you are projecting, and the number of instructors? As we are all aware, instructors with advanced avionics experience are difficult to find, let alone ones that also are experienced in the Cirrus.
thanks, jb

"You are right that finding the right instructors is key to having a great course. Which is our objective. With the relatively low number of SR2x aircraft in the fleet, finding instructors with high SR2x experience is quite difficult. Our approach has been to find very experienced ground and flight instructors with extensive experience in similar aircraft / avionics systems and a willingness to develop presentation material specific to the SR2x. For the avionics segment, for instance, we asked Avionics Training Unlimited to integrate their separate course material on the Garmin 430, Stec autopilots and Sandel EHSI to develop a ground segment specific to SR2x aircraft. Several COPA members have contributed to the development of CPPP by working closely with the developers and reviewing successive versions of the ground segments.

A short summary of the experience and background of the CFIs developing the ground segments of CPPP is shown below. Additional information will appear in the upcoming COPA Newsletter (1Q02).

Normal and Emergency Procedures: Harry Kraemer

Master Ground and Flight Instructor
6400 hours in 94 aircraft
Rated in Pilatus PC-12 and Citation
Active instructor in SR2x aircraft
Contributor to IFR Review magazine

Weather Strategies and Tactics Scott Dennstaedt

Advanced Ground Instructor
Instrument Ground Instructor
Professional Meteorologist
Avionics software engineer - defense applications
Active instructor in SR2x aircraft

Advanced Avionics Judy Cadmus

Master Flight Instructor
Principal instructor - Avionics Training Unlimited
Software engineer

The Flight Operations segment of CPPP is being developed by Doug Carmody.

Captain, Fokker 100 for a major airline
Type rated in 8 aircraft - ranging from DC9s to Boeing 767s
Instructor, Mooney Safety Foundation recurrent training program
Principal instructor - Executive Flight Training
Author of 8 aviation textbooks

The Flight Operations segment will utilize one flight instructor for two students. The program is geared for 10 - 20 students per session. Individual flight instructors for the Flight Operations segment will be chosen based on member recommendations, a review of their flight training experience, and an interview with Doug. Instructor selection will begin shortly."

I hope to see many of you at the first CPPP April 13-14 in Dublin, Georgia.

Bob Price
Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program

Can you tell us something about the CPPP Weather Site that is under development?