just wondering

Do you think there is a chance they will ground us again. What are the odds of that happening. Don

Depends where you live. [:(]



Just saw this addressed on AOPA. If you are an AOPA member, they’ll send emails out updating any restrictions. Good luck getting back to MI.

Don: I think it depends upon how much I need to fly. Last time, I was about 2,000 miles from home and had to drive.

I am not planning any trips for the next two weeks, so you will probably be safe.


Thanks sure will have a nice trip back. A fello copa member offerrd for me to stop by his airport community. So I will stop over nite and then go on the next two flights from there. What a great offer for me to stop there and have an over nite break. I sure didnt know 2 1/2 years ago when I started a daily reading of the forum. That it would end up being such agreat benifit to us all. Best 50 bucks I spend on avition every year. Yes I do get those emails. Was just wondering what the personal gut fellings of the copa people were. I just read what you sugested. It does not look to good for the Washinton area. I will be hoping for the best for you pilots there. Also for the FBO workers that need to make a living. Well for that mater for the USA and the rest of the world poeple we share this earth with. God bless us all. Don


See http://www.aero-news.net/news/sport.cfm?ContentBlockID=8541this news item from Aero-News.net.


I see you know why I asked. I do not want my plane to be stuck out in Vegas. And have to fly the commercial silver tube back to MI. Then come back and get my Cirrus. Please dont let that happen. I remember when I used to love to take a flight somewhere on airline. I never thought I would see it reduced to way the it is now. Maybe because I fly my own plane that I am so spoiled. That would be even worse to drive the 2000 miles. That would realy be a drag. At least when my plane is in my hanger in MI I can go look at it clean it and pretend to fly. Oh well there are al ot worsse things that we can go thru. But as I said I am a spoiled brat. But I spoil myself. Its my job Don