Anyone going from the Las Vegas area to So Cal Wed (8/11) or Thurs (8/12)

If so, lemme know. I’ll chip in for fuel. I need to pick up my TBM at Camarillo on Wed or Thurs.



If you don’t get anything else lined up, email me at I’m probably flying from Henderson to SoCal middle of the week. (Actually Tijuana, but could swing by Camarillo. Landed there a few times before.)

thanks, that sounds pretty good and i’d really appreciate it. I hate flying southwest.

Hi Brad, I am still having fun with 6053U! Will have to fly down to Henderson to see your new ride… :slight_smile:

How’s 6053U doing? How many hours does she have on her now? Are you going to put R9 in her?

Yes, you definitely need to drop by. The TBM is a beast.

[Brad is the prior owner of my plane and former COPA member. I would give him a ride anytime, but Vegas to CA is a little out of my way.]
Brad, have upgraded to the DFC90, will do WAAS next year. No other big projects, just having fun flying.

Thanks Eric. I do miss the low cost (relatively speaking) of owning and flying a Cirrus. $100 hamburgers are now $1000 hamburgers! (and they still taste the same - but I do get there a little quicker)

Pierre was nice enough to setup a ride for me to CMA with him…and then my lovely shop calls me and tells me they don’t have the part yet!

Looks like I have to go out on Thursday to pick 'er up via Southworst.