Report on GTX-330

I had to fly home to MI, From Vegas this week. I have the new 330 and I was never asked to recycle not one time. I had vfr flight following all the way. I was not even up to the MEA. They did lose radar contact 2 times but I could tell they were expecting it. They just said the normal will pick you up in whatever miles and that is when they did get me again, If you are in the Mi area I had TIS coverage all the way from Kalamazoo to my base D98 30 miles north of Detroit.A bonas for me that I will have coverage at both my airports I base at. Near Grand rapids I had Kinda of close call controller never told me. So I asked why He did not tell me I said to him I had TIS . He got pissed and cut me lose or maybe he thought I knew as much as he did. He never told the other plane I was near by. So just did my own avoidance from there on About 45 Min. Anyone Know exatly were the TIS sites are located. I asked one controller where the radar site was. He did not even know what TIS was that I was using to get my Info. That was in Colorado some were. If you can not or do want to spend $22,000.00. In closing It would be nice to have coverage everywhere but this is a great affordable option. If I get 22 this is the way I will do it. Don

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Anyone Know exactly were the TIS sites are located?

TIS is available from most but not all ASR (approach) radar sites. It is not available from ARTCC (Center) radar and will likely never be because of the slow rotation speeds/update cycle.

Here’s a map of current TIS coverage.

Thanks Gordon That is good map to see whats covered. Don