Just back

Just returned from Duluth with new SR20.By the way Jeff how was yours and Muellers trip home mine was great vfr all the way back to detroit. And nice crossing lake michigan.Bumby most of the wayhome .Not all that much to add to prevous storys of deliverys the Cirrus staff was great.My training went very well got my IFR currency back.Had a few things they had to fix but they got rite to them.Just one small thing still to do cosmetic to take care of one decal .The plane was worked on all day so we did all our grond training completethat day. And then we did all the flying the next 2 days. During the training one samll squak came up but they came rite in to fix after the days traimng at 6 pm. So they realy get on to the Issuue that come up.7 days a week. also if you have the cloth seats they look great and I realy like the new Grafics on the outside Green for my airplane and the sandel is great and the stec 55x GPS sterring. From Don used to be pos no 215 now Cirrus705 DM

Welcome back to Michi! If you ever are by the way of Grand Rapids, let me know. Would love to see your plane. Used to live out your way in Sterling Hts, but have since moved to Grand Rapids, and awaiting position #553.