Our New Cirrus SR20

Hello Everyone,

We just arrived safe and sound after picking up our brand new Cirrus SR20 in Duluth. I can tell you first hand that the factory is alive and doing well. The support staff went out of their way to make us feel important and give us everything we needed to fly this plane safely back to Florida. Wings Aloft Instructor, John Fiscus was top notch and did an OUTSTANDING job of giving us a very comprehensive check-out of the plane. I might add that if you are planning to pick up your own plane PLEASE get the Garmin GNS430 Simulator from Garmin and install it on your PC at home and work it. It will save you a trmendous amount of time once you’re in the factory training program. I saw at least 20 airplanes on the production line with more slated to begin. Although they are all SR22’s at this point it still is reassuring to know that Cirrus appears to be here for the duration.Was the 3.5 year wait worth it? YOU BET IT WAS. We have had zero problems with our Cirrus and look forward to many fun filled flights with it.We currently have about 21 hours on it as of this writing

Mike Hayden