First trip

Just want to share my joy of my SR20. I have had 705DM for 5 weeks but just flew it cross the country from Detroit to duluth to las vagas.And it performed perfect. Had to stop by duluth for new hid lite and a decal and aquick auto pilot push to talk isue they took it rite in and had me ready to go for the next morning. just as promised great servise from a great company. And from there 10.5 hours one stop to vagas. Very nice.True airspeed anout 155. What I realy liked is on both fill ups one inrougt one at end of flight. The fuel gauges were rite on. Fuel totaliser i want but I would trust these no issues there. When I was parked first day so many people came over to see as I was cleaning after the trip. Everyone reay was impressed. I am realy starting to like the SR20 as much as the Trinidads if owned. By the way everyone at Duluth was nice as always with the team spirit.

Glad to hear you had a nice trip, Don! What route did you end up taking from DLH to Las Vegas, and what altitudes were you flying?

SR20 #242 has been promised for January 11, 2002. I’m thinking delivery (Colorado Springs) rather than picking it up in Duluth.

I went IFR direct to bff in nebraska almost to wyoming.* knot headwind. THen VFR to salt lake follow the I-80 concrete compass to salt lake very beatiful.Then south to vagas.I used flight following due to nice weather 3 knot push and I did not want to fly the mea high altitudes. I had to go to 12,500 for about 30 nin south of south lake there is this pass and after that you can do 8,500 from Don 705DM