JetSmarter app

Has anyone played with this app yet?

I spoke with the rep and found the program “interesting”.

It’s a 3rd party marketing empty legs and also access to regularly scheduled charter flights to common cities … Cost $3k set up $9k a year.

Seems too good to be true, however if you do get 1 booking in a empty jet across the US, it pays for itself. Granted, the open jet is not always there, however I would think it’s reasonable to assume you will find 1 flight in 12 months to justify the cost (should you get a jet from LA across the country it to MX.

Here are some of my thoughts:
why would I buy this if i own a plane. Answer: the category of aircraft they offer can do more missions. The destinations are kind of fun to be tossed at you randomly.

It will be close to impossible to be able to get back if you get an empty leg jet 1500 miles to ??? Answer: commercial. So what if u pay retail on SW or xxx airline. If you have a ton of miles in your AA account, u might be able to have fun with this…

The charter flights to San Fran or Vegas is 2-3 times a week and free as a member … That’s an easy cirrus mission for me, jet smarter uses a turbo prop… It’s not enough to pull the trigger for me on this alone…on charter flights, my guest pays $600 each leg… If you are a loner type dude, you could win with the charters to two fun cities … Flying with a GF or wife, I would rather my Cirrus…

So why post: I didn’t join yet, the rep wants me to follow the app and see if there is a flight in the LA region to a place I would consider… There was a jet available from KSBA to Aspen. I could bring 8 friends free if I had this membership… Southwest back ? Hmmmm what’s that worth ?

I am still on the fence… I understand the dynamics of how this 3rd party can contract these empty jets using membership fees and expand destinations etc… They are all over the US and I think from teeter borough Nj/Ny they are expanding with charted to FLA.

Los Angeles is a major jet market and I would think they will have a selection as well…

Has anyone looked into this ? Bought a membership? Or , does anyone think this is a scam and I’ll never get use of $12k worth of dreams ? The rep is even offering me to book a flight at cost (if you are not a member, you can see all flights online and book at retail). After booking the flight, he would apply the cost to my membership payment… This alone got me to watch the site…

I realize this is not a 1 off company … I’ve seen other ads for companies similar … Any ideas which is the best or which is on their way out?

They just started service from NY to London:

I’ve been following the app over the last couple of weeks. Pricing seems even more expensive here in Europe - I’m see $10K annual fee plus $5K initiation! Waiting for them to come back to me for pricing for a couple.

It’s an interesting concept but from what i’ve seen so far the shuttles run from inconvenient to me locations in London (from Luton airport) at not the best times. Also, the flight deals page is annoying in as much as it alerts you to any flight from an airport near your selected airport. I’ve selected Biggin Hill but getting alerts for other airfields I have no interest in (such as Luton or Farnborough). I’m also curious as to how many of these ‘empty leg’ flights actually operate? Jetsmarter don’t appear to provide any statistics on that.

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to schedule a flight between to locations at your preferred time and allow other Jetsmarter users book seats on it. You pay a premium to initiate the flight at your preferred times but its cheaper than chartering the entire jet. unfortunately that’s not available within Europe - I’d be considering using that for flights between London and Geneva if it were.