Anyone in the Los Angeles area?

Hello everyone,

Hoping to find someone in the LA area to fly with or a partnership opportunity. Quick background on me, I live right by the Santa Monica airport and though I earned my private ticket by 20 I have done very little flying in the past 10 years. Marriage and a daughter changed everything, but my 20 year old self would be sick to his stomach to see me not up in the air more.

So, I thought I would reach out and see if there was anyone in the LA area that might like a flying buddy. I’m private, multi, inst rated so if you hate flying buddies and just need an IFR safety pilot I can work with that too wink2.gif

I’ll pour on a little more information as well, though I may start a new thread about this part: One of the reasons I don’t fly that much is that I am renting at KSMO. There isn’t a lot of choice there, and the prices are high. As a renter the daily minimums kill all hopes and dreams of flying up to the bay area (where my parents are) for weekend trips, vacations etc. I would love to find a partnership/rental/club in an aircraft where I could actually fly 350-500 miles away and stay for a week (SR20 anyone?). If anyone has any advice on this I’d love to hear it! While I’d love Santa Monica, I’m open to other nearby locations.

David, my SR20 is for lease at VNY. Visit www.FlyMach1.Com.

You say for lease, but the website looks like an FBO that does rentals, and has a daily minimum of 3 hours. That is specifically what I was talking about killing my weekend trips up north and vacation trips as well.

In case I was unclear, I am looking for a partnership where I have the freedom to take the airplane for the weekend and only put a couple hours on it, or take it on vacation for a week and only put 5-6 hours on it. If that is possible in a rental situation I would definitely be open to that as well.

Also, I’d really love to find people in the area just to fly with. I love going for the $100 hamburger and can also earn my keep by being a safety pilot when you need to log IFR hours.


Do some math. It could be cheaper just to pay the daily minimums than to join the partnership. Some places also rent airplanes for less, have different rules and daily minimums. Sometimes you can negotiate lower minimum hours for longer term rental (like weekly).

I’m looking for the same… I fact I’m looking at a plane today.
I fly SMO to SBA. Commute, really. Let’s talk…

Basic3 (at) me dot com

Dave , Hi I am a 2000 hr pilot, have owned two cirrus, sr20 and sr22

currently shopping for sr22 want to keep it at Van nuys if interested call me

richard meyer 323 240 9080


I am a 2000 hr pilot, have owned 2 cirrus sr20 and sr22 shopping now for cirrus to keep at van nuys call me Richard 323 240 9080

Hi Dave,

I live and fly out of Santa Monica too. Looking for a similar partnership where I can fly up to visit family in SF (San Carlos) and Oregon. Shoot me an email: adolfo at me . com


Add a third request to the list, I live in Michigan and own an 07 G3, I have an office in Culver City, (Los Angeles) and Wil be spending half my time there starting in October. My qualification includes 750 hrs & an IFR rating.
Would also like to find someone to fly with, not limited to Cirrus! Will share expenses and will even buy the burger!

Any airport in th area will do. Pat Hernandez, 734-516-7464

Don’t know how I missed this thread! I am very interested in a KVNY partnership. Is this still alive?

I am interested as well but based in OC depending on home Airport? Please advise

I would be interested in joining/starting a partnership in 2012 or newer SR22 (5 seats), preferably at KLGB, but would consider others. I am in the process of evaluating the Air Shares Elite program and the only thing really holding me back from pulling the trigger is they are currently flying 4 seat models in Southern CA.