New (free) Aviation App

I just wanted to let this group know, that after several months of research, I have published a new aviation app called “Airport Courtesy Cars”, both in Google Play and the Apple App Store. (your app store may say it is available for tablets, but that is in error. We are working on that for the future, right now for phones only) It has over 1000 listings nationwide in text format and on a Google map. Ability to tap the phone number on the app to call ahead and check on your car’s availability. I will be offering coupons from local restaurants and other attractions to the listings that will offer discounts to pilots flying in. If you know of a particular café etc that you would like me to contact, please shoot me an email on the app. I hope you find it useful.

Why do you need an app? Simple web page would do the trick IMHO

I like the app, Glenn. Especially the map.

Thanks, if anyone in the group has locations that I missed, please let me know.

If you simply want to look at the listings on your computer in forum mode, you can view the list here:

I just think that mobile-formatted page would be easiest from maintenance perspective. In that case you would have no need to have an app on two platforms, maintain apps, deal with OS changes, app stores. It seems so much simpler but what do I know :slight_smile:

Nice app Glenn, good work.

Thanks Charles.


Thanks again, if you folks have any favorite $100 Hamburger places that might want to purchase a pilot discount coupon for the app, please let me know.

Sent info to you!

Got it!

Thanks again for the positive comments here and via email. Any positive reviews in the app stores would be greatly appreciated also. Glenn

Nice app. I will definitely use it.

Thank you,


Thank you Tom. And a quick update that the app is approaching 1100 listings with coupons for pilots being added, slowly but surely. Thanks again for this groups input, and if you have a moment, maybe you can let your other non-Cirrus pilot friends know about it. Tailwinds, Glenn