bay area pilots...

Okay, this may sound stupid, maybe even riduiculous, but here goes…

I am a flight/aviation enthusiast, who does not have his license, nor own a Cirrus. I have been an enthusiast for years, but have never been able to really get serious about it for assorted reasons, so I log my hours in Flight Sim, and not in a real aircraft.

Now I find myself in different times, in a different market, and am currently unemployed. While doing the job hunt, I am spending spare time flying FS9, and practicing skills for flying, and I am curious about introductory flights, and the possibility of getting up in “real” airspace, not just in the sim.

Do pilots ever take people along for rides I guess you could say?? When I am working again, I do intend on taking an introductory, and maybe finally getting more serious about persuing my private, but for now, I’m kind of stuck, and have spare time that I would enjoy using for things I am interested in, like flight, and the Cirrus.

So, in the hopes that i don’t get laughed at too hard…

If there are any pilots that ever need a right seater, I would like to volunteer. I am willing to help out with anything i can, like pre-post flight ops, and basic things, but I am definitely willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand. I live in San Francisco, and can easily drive to most airports in the Bay Area.


Jason, “right seater for hire” :slight_smile:

Several suggestions Jason;

  1. You will find a certificate which will get you flying for $49
  2. Hang around airports and post a notice at the local FBO stating that you will work for flights
  3. Find a Cirrus owner and offer to wash and wax their plane. (that one always works) The only thing more important to a Cirrus Owner than a shiny plane is flying LOP
    You might even consider turning your passion and avocation into a career. No shame in starting as a line guy part time.

Sign up with angel flight as a co-pilot. Great group and great people…Ed


I fly a rental, ell-electric SR20 out of West Valley Flying Club at PAO. give me a shout via email and we can set something up.

I’ll let you push the plane back into the parking slot when we’re done - it’s the only thing about the Cirrus that I hate 8^) . For some reason I have a he**uva time getting it in there all aligned and pretty, 'speshually when I’m by myself.


Dave Blevins