Flounder Fun LLC?

Cross-posted from the “Member” section for maximum exposure:

Most of you know I sold my Cirrus recently because it no longer really fit my “mission profile”.

I’ve pretty much decided on a Sky Arrow 600 Sport. I like the idea of 4 to 5 gph on auto fuel. I really enjoyed my test flight* (out of KRYY near Atlanta).

Anyway, looking at around $80k nicely equipped. Insurance has been quoted at $2,800/yr. While I held enough back from my Cirrus sale to just do it outright, it would make a lot more sense to buy it with a partner.

I have a hangar near Blue Ridge, GA. in the N GA mountains. A partner anywhere in the Atlanta/Chatanooga/Knoxville/Asheville area would be convenient - we could alternate locations monthly or work out something similar.

I would also consider a share in a Maule taildragger for when I want to travel with the dogs.

Or Trip seems eager for a Citabria.

And I wouldn’t mind a partner in something like this, either…

As you can tell, I’m kind of all over the place right now, and open to suggestions.

If any of this sounds interesting, call me at 706-492-3118 or FastEddieB@mac.com. Fly into 1A3 and we can discuss over Mexican food!

*in the interest of full disclosure, I took Trip down for a test flight and he kinda hated it.

One more try…

I’m looking for someone in the N GA, W NC or E TN areas to go in on an LSA - I’m pretty convinced the Sky Arrow is the one I’ll get.

Out the door it will be about $80k. Insurance will be about $2,800/yr. unless we want to use it for instruction/rental in which case it would certainly be more. A Garmin 396 or 496 would have to be purchased as primary nav. I have a hangar near Blue Ridge, GA and we could alternate months, shuttling the plane back and forth if necessary.

I may commit by next month some time, so if you’re interested, let me know - $40k is a lot easier to handle than $80k!