I have been watching this forum since Clyde took the first delivery. Sadly it will be a while yet before I can justify my own Cirrus. Happily I have the opportunity to travel to Italy next week. I was wondering if any of the European members or just well traveled members had any recomendations for aviation related places to visit in Nothern Italy. I fly into Milan on June 3 and out of Rome on June 11.
Thanks for any info.

There’s a general aviation airport roughly between Malpensa and Monza. Check out the maps when you get there.

I stopped there on one of my trips to the Milan area and spent an interesting day there talking to the local pilots. (Most speak english).

There’s also a great resturant on the field. Sorry I can’t give you more specifics other then there are GA airports out there if you check around. Maybe Maurizio can chime in.


I strongly recomend you to do a stopp over at ST. Nikolo at Venezia. This is a must . It is a small grass strip right in front of venezia. From there you take a boot (like regular bus) over to St. Markus place. All airport stuff is realy nice. The airport is closed on Mondays.
Have fun,
Klaus from Munich

I travel regularly to Italy and stay on the weekends in Como, north of Milan.

There you can get your seaplane rating in 4 hours at Lake Como.

OK you have to spend 2 hours at Milan airport getting some papers done by the aviation authorities before and when you come back to the USA, it is not recognized- you have to spend some time with a USA instructor to get it official.

But it is great fun and one of the most beautiful places in the world to fly. Just do it to fly with the instructor to see the scenery.

Was written up not too long ago in AOPA Pilot mag.

Ask for Paulo a USA trained instructor.

Email me if you need info.

there are few interesting airport in north Italy where you can find different interesting things aviation related or just nice place to see.

Someone else already gave you S.Nicolò in Venice (grass), one or the most famous small airport that can permit to visit Venice.

I should suggest also Trento (between Bolzano and Verona): in side the airport there is an interestin Aviation Museum not to big, but full of over 40 airplane that signed the story of the Italian aviation industry of the past and while you are there, you can stop the visit for have a good food in the restourant always in side; little far, you can arrive also at the Garda lake.
Again, you can land in Verona “Prati di Bosco” where in little bit more than 10 minutes you will be in Peschiera, on the Garda Lake, take the public boat, cross or visit many other places (including the little island in the middle of the lake)…

Sorry, I do not remember the ICAO id; I’m come back yesterday from the Groningen first European Cirrus FLy Inn, and I leave all the book on the airplane.

Or again, land in Bologna (LIPE - put in side 55€ for the handling fee and same for the take-off), or Modena (Marzaglia - LIPM - where I’ìm based), rent a car and come to visit the Ferrari car Museum (“Ferrari Gallery”) in Maranello, and or Phone to Maseraty; Lamborghini car industry planning for your visit, or just visit Bologna (“la dotta”) down town, the city that invented “university” and rich to many historical building, tower etc.

Hope this could help you.

Have a nice fly!