Trip report to Lucca, Italy

Lucca is a very scenic walled city in Italy.

The trip was done 19-22 November 2014, during a very rare gap in the weather. That gap almost didn’t work out but it was OK in the end… We did however get two outstandingly scenic flights: one VFR leg to Lucca along the coast, and one IFR leg coming back over the Alps.

Oh, my wonderful motherland!

Thank you for the story and the great photos!!!

What an incredible report Peter.

Thanks for sharing.

I’m stunned - I can’t imagine the amount of time it took for you to put this together! Peter, thank you SO much for sharing this beautiful report and beautiful part of the world.

Magnificent–thank you! [B]

Great write up and fantastic aerial photographs

Thoroughly enjoyed it


Concur. I’m sure it does us both some good to be occasionally reminded that Montana and California do not have a monopoly on beautiful scenery as viewed from above. [;)]


Thank you for this gorgeous compilation. My extended family just spent Christmas in Lucca and it was a wonderful trip, but oh how I wish I could have flown there like you did.

Good for you and thanks so much for sharing this fabulous travelogue.


Since you guys seem to like Italy, here is another one, to Elba - an island off Italy


Stop it!

You are killing me!


So many memories!

I am a Navy Officer and was an instructor at the Naval Academy in Livorno (Leghorn), and part time of the (small) carrier Garibaldi. We also raced sailing boats and the trip to Elba was a classic!!!