The adventure begins....

I’m in Duluth with Andrew Miedecke - he has just accepted his new SR22 VH-NMG. Now the fun starts - we have to fly it back to Australia - the long way.

See the trip web site - for all the details.


Quite a flight. Who’s going to be the first to circumnavigate the globe in a Cirrus? Or has it been done already?

In a few weeks you will be asking about FBO choices in Malta! :slight_smile:

Have a great trip Clyde! We’re planning to clear US Customs tomorrow in Presque Isle, ME (KPQI). I looked at using Burlington, but we don’t have the range so it looks like we won’t cross paths. Tailwinds and clear skies!

Best of luck. I hope others show you the same wonderful hospitality you showed me.


I won’t go to Oshkosh this year but all the pilots of Singapore are waiting for you and Andrew. I also be near Cannes (Grasse)on the 2 nd and 3rd of August and hope to meet you there before flying to Singapore on the 5 th.



Cool site… everyone should checkout the daily diaries.

I’m sure it hasn’t been done, but I’m also sure it will be.

Already done that. A flying club in Malta is helping us out…


And I thought I was traveling when completing a recent SR-22 trip from Orange County, CA to Afton, WY. Actually, I’ve done a trip from Pittsburgh to Riyadh, but with two engines.

This should be a marvelous adventure. Please let us know how you fare. Blue skies.


Hi Lee, long time no talk. How are you and Kathi doing these days? What are you flying?

Sue and I are fine - Sue got her pilot’s licence last year, and is very disappointed she couldn’t come on this trip!


My plane is in Afton as we speak! I grew up here and have a cabin about 30minutes north of Afton. So the next time you’re in town, let me know. We are here most of the summers, but stay out in the winter! Lots of snow and it isn’t uncommon to see 40-50 below zero temps in January!


Congratulations to Sue! Kathi and I are fine and enjoying life at the beach. Actually, I tried surfing for the first time today. What a blast.

Sunrise Aviation at SNA has two SR22G2s and an SR20 and I have been flying those quite a bit.

I’m sure we are all quite envious of your intercontinental adventure. I don’t even want to think about the clearances needed in the middle east much less fuel and weather planning. You will have a blast and will be completely exhausted. What a deal.


Joe - We had a great time in Afton visiting friends and touring the Aviat factory (Pitts and Husky). Everyone at the airport, and in the whole town for that matter, were just great. Lots of compliments on the SR22.

The airport was in the process of rebuilding the parking ramp while we were there. Due to a miscommunication between the construction contractor and the FBO, the contractor excavated the ramp in front of the only fuel island to a depth of about 6 feet. After much hand waving and exclamations of “nobody told me”, the contractor build a temporary ramp to provide access for fuel. Otherwise, I might still be there.

I love little airports.