I would appreciate comments regarding liability and hull insurance: such as availability; underwriting issues such as annual training, minimum hours in aircraft, etc.; policy limits; and competition. Comparison to insurance rates and issues on previous aircraft you have owned would be helpful.

This subject has been discussed extensively on the Forum. Use the “Search” feature to look for posts that include the word “insurance.” You may also want to contact JT Helms (, a COPA member, insurance agent (who insures a number of Cirri), and frequent contributor to this Forum.

Roger Freedman

I have just bound an sr20 and the rate was very comparable to Cessna 180. All I needed was a signoff in
the logbook. The price was under $3000.00 260 hull, 1 million.
I hope this trend lasts.

Great news on insurance --but Where do we get it? whom do we call, is it a million flat? tom conley


See my previous post in this thread for my recommendation for an insurance broker.


Great rates. My 1979 Cherokee Six, 1,000,000 smooth, 140k hull costs 3,000. 1600, IFR, no accidentsClark