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I am curious if there has been any comparisons made between insurance providers and which company has the best rates for owners who will be training in their SR22.

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There are many post regarding insurance on the members side, but here is a quick run down.

With out knowing anything about you you can use the following as best guesses:

Companies that write Students in SR22’s
-US Specialty Insurance - Typical requirement 50 hours dual with Cirrus Instructor, then can solo. Some additional requirements may also accompany
-London Aviation - they only writer on the Western half of the US, but have similar requirements

On a $400,000 SR22 you can expect to pay around $15,000 for the first year, then adjusted annually depending upon your ratings and how much you fly.

If you are private and training for IFR then the same two companies still apply. You will have to do the initial transition training program. Rate is a little better than student.

If private pilot and instrument rated - then it depends on the number of hours. If over 500 hours and instrument rated you can expect to pay less than half of the above premium on a $400,000 SR22.

I learned to fly in a new SR22 in 2004. My first year insurance with London was 16k. At renewal I had 300 hrs and an IFR rating and my next year cost $6,700. Good luck! I insured the hull at the time at 375k.

My partner and I just bought a used SR22. We each had zero time in type. And, we have a third named pilot, zero time in type.

Our insurance per year, 180K hull, 1 million smooth, is $4590. Our requirements were for 5 hours dual with CFI (non CSIP OK) and 3 hours solo prior to carrying passengers.

Our carrier is London Aviation.

Hope that helps. We did find lower rates (3K range)that required training with a CSIP or a Cirrus Training Center.

My insurance was $10.5k with US Speciality placed via AOPA. I had transistion training and 200 hrs Priv.
My renewal quotes are coming in at $7k with 400 hours and still Priv. ratings - however from Avemco.
I believe it will go to $5-6k if I complete my instrument prior to renewal.
Hull Value $425k

as a student pilot (40 hrs in a 172), my 06 22gts cost me 11,800 first year. My renewal in june of 07 with 200 hrs, 160 in type was 6500. I did not have my ifr done by renewal. I insured with Dave McCoy and London.

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… Our insurance per year, 180K hull, 1 million smooth, is $4590…

Given your non-standard configuration, data on your insurance experience would make an excellent addition to the>SR-22 page on [COPApedia. The editing process is fairly explanatory, but drop me a line if you have any questions.