Insurance - BAD NEWS

How about this! I have just been notified by our AOPA broker that USAIG will only provide 2 million liability if all pilots who fly our plane have one of the following:

Annually –
Factory training
CCCP training
Wings but with a CFI who has been factory trained.

Our broker is looking into other companies to see what they might require. He said that if we drop back to 1M. we should not have any problem.

I have a similar problem.but worse. I cannot get liability insurance above $1million at ALL with ANY company if I opt to insure my low time non instrument rated family member. But I think you will have luck with other companies. USAIG has fallen out of favor with Cirrus and I think this is their way of inducing you to look elsewhere.

Not necessarily bad news.

If you are qualified enough for USAIG to offer that, there is another company out there that would likely be less expensive for you, they would offer a maximum of $1 Million, but you could get $1 million of excess (assuming you don’t live in NY or another state which the excess is not available in, which are few). The price would very likely still beat USAIG’s quote at $2 Million (they only offer $1 million max but use the same company for excess or to re-insure your particular $2 million).

Normally, the only time going with USAIG makes sense right now with the premiums on Cirrus available thru other companies is if you absolutely have to have more than $1 million and you live in a state in which the excess liability company is not available (because if USAIG offers it as re-insurance it is legal even in NY).

USAIG is a great company and has a great policy, but there are other markets available that have better rates on Cirrus’ right now.

John “JT” Helms
Branch Manager