I was able to see "members" category.... what do I need to do?

HI guys… I was able to see “members” category… now, i can see just the non member info… what do I need to do?

I already logged out changed password and verified email and logged in again… what am I missing??


You likely are a guest membership. See this post here on how to update your subscription.

Thanks for your reply… How come I could see members forum topics on the old format of the forum???

There was an issue in a few accounts where after expiration the Member role was not removed

Please look at the screenshot and advise… thanks again

Update your credit card info and I can run the update on the admin screen. (It won’t have access to your cc) do you want the annual or just one year?


Done… thanks!!!

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let me know as soon as you do the update on your end.



You need to log out of the forums and log back in.

Follow the instructions here

I was able to log on the COPA site, my subscription Is current, but when I went to the forums the site wanted me to log in again. It wouldn’t let me log in using my user name saying it was already taken.

I did this, cleared cookies, didn’t work.

Did you recently change your email with copa? Say within the last 30 days?

What was your previous username and email?

Please Email me at membership@cirruspilots.org that info and I will look into this.

I will likely have to merge your accounts.

Done… now w/full access. Thanks for the help.

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Hello Erik,

I experienced the same site behavior as Jim, I was unable to log onto the forums and was directed to create a new account (using my existing user name and email), I did so, and was granted access but apparently as a new user. Was I wrong to create a new account?

We are looking into it. Post as you are now. Worst case I will have to merge accounts but that is a special process and I am not comfortable doing from home right now, as I am unable to give it the full attention it needs. Kids are only able to see me today and tomorrow before going back to school and work schedules.

Might be Monday afternoon until I am able to resolve.

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Thank you Erik,

My best to you and your family, have a wonderful weekend! :+1:


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