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Hello COPA members,

I am a new member from Colombia, I have just upgraded from a free, guest subscription to an annual membership but still can only access the guest topics in the forum. Look forward to learning from this community and solving this small issue.



Hi Luis, welcome aboard! There are others more knowledgeable but my understanding is that the only two topics available to guests only are the Guest Discussion and Marketplace. This post is in Website Issues, so it seems you are in.

Steve thank you so much for your reply,

Most posts, including those that have been linked to in other similar threads with guides on how to setup accounts appear to be under private. and the Following message is displayed. The image might make the issue clearer. Under the All categories tab I get access to Guest Discussion and Website Issues only.

Thank you again,


Perhaps this will work:

Thank you, I did that, the payment process was succesful.

Ok. I’m out of ideas. I see Erik is replying so he will help.


Upon a change in account status, you have to sign out of all windows, and login again.

I just did an admin logout of your account on all your devices from the forums, so you should be set.

Let me know if you have any additional trouble.

Thank you @ErikGun,

I logged out again and back in both here and in the Copa website. Still only have access to the two previously mentioned boards. Sorry to be bothering with this on a sunday.


It has now been sorted, thank you so much

I had to manual change your password and change some account settings.
Please check your email on file. I sent you password reset instuctions.

Piggy-backing on this. As a full member, I’ve looked through all the settings on my personal preferences, etc. and find nothing to allow me to change my credit card or anything that even discusses my subscription, CC, etc.

What am I missing? :pleading_face:

I assume you were just looking in the forum settings. The forum and the main website are now separate entities (with a common login path). Use the link to the main website, login there if required, then go into your account settings and you will find what you seek.


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The Settings you are looking at are likely the Forum Settings/Forum Profile.

We keep the subscription and COPA profile aka “COPA passport” Data separate on the main Website.

When it comes time to update your Credit-card and Subscription You will receive an email asking you to update your Credit-card Information. However you can update this anytime.

You have to update your subscription details here:

You can navigate to it though the COPA Website link at the top:

Then Click Account:

Then you can update any of these settings:

Update your subscription here:

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Clyde nd Erik,
Somehow I missed that detail, many thanks for patiently explaining why I saw what I saw.

I’ve made the update in the right place and am, hopefully, good to go.


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