Stuck in guest mode

Updated membership but still stuck in guest as in the other topic (now closed). Thanks for the help.


Give it a go now, and let me know if you experience any additional problems.

Thanks, Hans. Looks good.

I am a member, but also stuck in guest mode. How to do get over to the member forums?


Welcome to COPA!

You are currently a Guest Member, if you would like to upgrade, please follow the indications below:

How to Upgrade/Update your COPA Membership

OK, I signed up for the $65 annual membership, but I still cant see the members forums. Am I missing something? Thx - Brad


You need to log out and back in to the forums for the change to take effect, I’ve gone ahead and done that for you, give it a go, and let me know if you experience any issues.

Welcome once again to COPA!

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