Renewal plus extra characters which are a pain in the rump

Seems I have a problem, maybe it just takes some time to update after renewal? I’m logged in, have paid my renewal, and can’t access anything. I have closed browser a few times to no benefit. I don’t see a “log out” button. Any help?

The extra characters comment was a gripe about topics or posts that require additional characters or no go. Who cares that it has 10 v 9 characters

Just got back into the COPA forum after being away for a while. My membership shows as paid up and I have cleared my cache on the iPad but all I can see when I click on “Categories” are three options: Member Marketplace, Guest Discussion, and Website Issues.
Am I missing something? In the old forum format I recall many more different topics. Where did they all go?

You need to sign on with new credentials if you were not here when the new format started.

New credentials? What exactly does that mean? Change my password?


Log out of the forum, clear your browser cache, and log back in.

You can log out by clicking on your avatar and following the steps detailed in the images below.

If your troubles persist, email and someone will help you get it sorted!


You should not require new credentials or a password change, please follow the steps detailed in my post above and if you continue to experience difficulties, email or PM @ErikGun for assistance.

But you have to sign in again so the credentials page (username and password) need to be filled again.

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Did all of that. Password is reset. Cache is cleared. Still just three topics.

You need admin to look at your account.

Correction. 3 Categories- not topics

That’s odd, there are only two public categories, it appears @ErikGun or @msellers will need to intervene to get you squared away.

PM sent.

Subscription is active as a guest only, need to update to paid membership.

Members who were expired when we transitioned to the new site were brought in as guest members.

Once updated Refresh of the forum page from the main site is required(clicking the forum link from. The min site while logged in), or a Forum site logout/login is required.

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