How much on annuals?


I got in my first Cirrus SR22 and I love it! I’m considering on purchasing an SR22 after training but I would like to get a cost estimation on annuals because so far it’s all across the board. I live in Florida and I heard anywhere from $1,200 to $8,500.

Can you tell me how much you pay and what does it cover!

Thank you!

I did annual in November and another scheduled in January. 2 different shops, one quote was 2500$ flat rate plus parts and labor to deal with findings, 2nd is 1850$ flat rate plus parts and labor to deal with the findings.

The November annual ended up totaling around 3300$. they seem to average 2500 to 3500 unless you are doing add ons or dealing with engine work Or they have a lot of squawks.

For a SR22 G2 NA, plan on $4k to $5k. The annual itself might be $2500, but they will always find stuff and the parts are expensive. This does not cover the $14k for the 10 year chute repack.

Be aware that in 5 years, you will need to upgrade the avionics for ADSB. The minimum cost seems to be $15k.

If you are mechanically inclined, have the time and are physically able - doing an owner assisted annual can run as low as $1000. If you go by the Cirrus checklist, this can take 10 to 12 days (4 to 5 hour each day). You will need a mechanic of course to supervise your work. I have done this for 4 years now and been really pleased. But it is not for everyone. It is quite brutal and exhausting to do it yourself. So it is a labor of love…

An annual inspection is just that - an inspection. The things that need to be inspected are detailed in the maintenance manual and virtually all the Cirrus Service Centers have a flat rate for the inspection. That will run in the $2500 range.

The difference is the amounts you are hearing is that when the inspection is done you will be presented with a list of discrepancies that the inspection uncovered… Some may have to be addressed, most are discretionary and you can decide whether or not you want to do them. Your final bill will depend on 1) what discrepancies are found, 2) which ones you choose to correct and 3) the parts and labor for 2).

What many people do is to engage SAVVY to help manage their maintenance. They act as an intermediary between you and the shop and can advise what you need to do and what is clearly unnecessary. For a new pilot/owner they are a very very good idea.

Isn’t it somewhat higher than that typically? If I recall, it is typically quoted as 24 hours, and typical hourly rates are $90-$100, aren’t they?

I agree. Especially for a new owner, Savvy is a great help and will likely save them a lot of money.

Turbos are 28 hours. NAs 24 hours.

ADS-B costs will vary considerably depending on the installed equipment. I just got a quote for under 2K. But I already have WAAS and a 330. Then then ADS-B in is a whole nuther story… Bottom line is look closely at what’s in the plane first.

My first sr22 annual was around $25,000ish… Second was $4,000. Lesson learned? Make sure you have a damn good pre-buy done

I believe that the information you are receiving is mixing apples and oranges. An annual “inspection” is an FAA requirement that your mechanic provides. What they “inspect” is certain required matters.

It’s kind of like your annual teeth cleaning. It doesn’t cost that much, but what the dentist finds while they are looking is where it can get expensive. Some are optional items. Some will be required repairs.

Also, and not to be dismissed is the reputation and experience of the mechanic. In fact, it may even be more important than the price. Using the wrong mechanic will often result in them missing things and/or not being able to solve a problem as rapidly and surprise is not a good thing if it can be avoided.

Just got my 2007 SR22 TN back from Woodland Aviation annual. Inspection was $3400 plus shop supplies and fees came to $4140. Discrepancies and fixes with no one big item ended up costing and additional $5400 for a total of $9440.

My total spending at Woodland Aviation for 2014 was $24,100 for 150 hours of flying. Only big ticket I can remember is a starter adapter and starter. I had a good pre-buy when I bought the plane in 2013. The plane was in real good condition’; well maintained. I was not expecting this high of a maintenance bill for the Cirrus!

Are you railing on us dentists again Dennis? Are you an anti-dentite? :wink:

That’s exactly what my SC quote, 24 hours at 91$ only the inspection ,oil,parts,SB and discrepancies is extra.
Is going to be my first annual 2006 22NA, previous owner pay 6000$ last year.

IRAN’ing a starter adapter (~ $600) plus a new starter shouldn’t be much, or did they replace the starter adapter?

You picked the most expensive shop in the country and you were not expecting an expensive bill while owning a turbo? How about this: let’s post of what your list of discrepancies were and see what was done and what could’ve been not done or put off until later time.

My most recent annual was $6700. Had I not turned down work on a number of discrepancies (assisted by savvy) the bill would have been around $12.5k. Most people with really high annuals are doing unnecessary work.

I had an 04 22 for 6 years…all but one annual (mag issue) have been under 3 grand. Another vote for SAVVY as well.


Yup, the “1” was a typo. Should have been a “2”.

I edited my post.

I like Woodland and their work is always to the highest standards with zero issues. A few years ago I had another shop do a structural repair and annual. My “gut” was worried so I had Woodland redo the annual… Loose brake lines, loose throttle cable, baffles installed wrong etc. several airworthy issues and they maybe saved my bacon. Their labor rate is $115/h… Less than any local car mechanic or plumber. Don’t confuse expensive and quality.

My first annual was $2900 for the full inspection and I got out of there for 3900 after fixes and updating a few items I asked for.

I have a question,

Does the newer Cirrus planes, (Models 2008 and up) Have ADS-B?