How about a box lunch for the flight home after M12?

Making box lunches available for the flight home has become a bit of a tradition at COPA’s Migration fly-in. And, this year, The LANDINGS HND Restaurant, located above the FBO in the Henderson Executive Terminal, will provide a tasty lunch that can be consumed in the cockpit. Check out their menu (below)…

You can see that they have some “standard” sandwiches (e.g., turkey, ham, & roast beef) as well as “speciality” sandwiches. And, they have salads, too. Marie Saady, the restaurant owner, has kindly offered to sell all of their sandwiches and salads at $15.95 regardless of type. And, you can order a wrap instead of a sandwich if you’d prefer. In addition, the sandwich/wrap comes with a fruit cup or piece of whole fruit (banana, apple, or orange), chips, & cookie.

To order a box lunch, contact the restaurant directly via phone (702-616-3337) or their website ( Payment will be in advance via credit card. Pilots should contact the restaurant at least two days in advance.

Upon departure, pick up your box lunch downstairs at the FBO. Lunches will be tagged with your tail number. By the way, the FBO will not take orders for lunches nor accept payment. All of that should be done in advance; address any questions to the restaurant, itself.


PS – If you’re cruising home up in the teens, watch out for that sealed bag of chips in our nonpressurized Cirri! [:O]

I just received an email from Marie Saady - no one has order any box lunches yet! Folks, unlike recent years where the FBO was happy to take lunch orders and handle $$, that’s not the drill at Henderson… So, if you want a box lunch for the flight home, please contact Marie in advance and order it. I believe that all of the necessary info is in the above post. Sunday is usually a very busy day for her restaurant, so I suggest ordering in advance.

BTW The LandingsHND Restaurant (i.e., Marie’s place) is where Thursday’s Owner Maintenance Class (and perhaps some of the Rust Removal pilots) will have lunch. If you are attending Roger’s class, I suggest ordering lunch in advance so it will be ready when you break for chow. Just ask Roger when that will be…


No issue for us SR20 guys [:'(]