Oxnard (KOXR) California Fly-in Update

Oxnard (KOXR) California Fly-in Update

We are all set for the Southern California Cirrus Fly-in, Saturday, March 22nd, from 11:00 till 2:00 at the Oxnard Airport. Parking will be next to the ramp area next to Leslie’s Restaurant, and the control tower. Myself along with other COPA members and airport staff will be on hand early to provide assistance parking in this area. We have been told there should be room for about 10-15 planes. Any additional Cirrus and non Cirrus aircraft can park in the east transient parking area and transportation will be provided if needed. Oxnard does have United Express using the area adjacent to where we will park but the only flight that will be a factor will come and go between 11:00 and 11:25.

In about two weeks another post will be made letting you know who to RSVP to so we can get an approximate number of attendees for the restaurant staff.

Hope to see you then.


Purely out of a spirit of self-sacrifice, Gordon Feingold and I made the long and arduous 34-nm flight from Santa Barbara to Oxnard this evening to sample the fare at Leslie’s Seafood, BBQ and Grill. We were very favorably impressed! I had the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, which was very nicely done (as well as spicy enough for a salsaholic like me). The menu is extensive, the service was attentive, the prices are quite reasonable, and the restaurant is right next to the ramp.

Looks like a great restaurant for a fly-in!


Roger, thanks for the meal report!

Did kinda the same trip yesterday - in reverse…flew OXR to SMX in Mike Via’s Glasair IIRG. (Great little Mexican food joint at Santa Maria, BTW). And his Glasair II’s a rocket ship! See http://www.newglasair.com to get some insight into this homebuilt ship. On the return I had the (unusual) presence of mind to grab a shot of the ramp area around the OXR terminal and Leslie’s. So this is what it’ll look like if you make the taxiway exit at the tower. Pardon the crude photo editing…working with a simple program and simpler mind…


Thanks for the photo! I’ve attached a taxiway diagram (borrowed from http://www.jeppesen.com/download/apt_diag/oxrapt.pdfJeppesen) with the ramp and the restaurant marked.
Note that there are no tiedown ropes in the ramp area, so plan to bring and use your own chocks.


PS: Ask Mike V. to bring his Glasair over! The composite bretheren have to stick together.

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So this is what it’ll look like if you make the taxiway exit at the tower.

Yep - the transient parking is East of the tower and terminal and West of some T-hangars.
Very Important!
The area in front of the terminal is bounded by a thick red line. DO NOT cross that line, either while taxiing OR after exiting your airplane and walking to the gate (which is at the East end of the terminal area and building). They get very pissy about this.

I’ll post another reminder just prior to the event. I’d hate to see any any of us dragged off to the pokey!

Your picture appears to show some of Cincinnati’s finest doing their usual thing. Please, they don’t need any more ink than they already get!!!
You must have parked illegally on the ramp at KLUK?



Oxnard has 5 airline flights a day, so the folks who’ll be hauling you away are from the Transportation Security Administration (see below).