Airport Shuttle on Wednesday?

I think the answer to this is no, but I was hoping someone in the know could confirm. For those of us arriving on Wednesday, will there be a shuttle available to take us to the hotel?



Unfortunately no shuttle on Wednesday.


I am in the same boat. Coming into BNA weds night. Commercial, ugh… but I had to be in Boston today and tomorrow and I absolutely cannot miss being there at Nashville. So, time to spare, go by air. See you there.

We looked at this carefully. To provide a shuttle for the number of Pilots arriving Wednesday would have cost us almost $300 per pilot. So we felt it wasnt a wise expenditure.

However please note that there will be boxed lunches provided for Wednesday and Thursday arrival (Breakfast on Thursday for arrivals prio to 11:00) as we wanted to make sure our Attendees were fed!

Ok cool, thanks for the clarification. I’ll try not to do $300 worth of boxed lunch eating once I get there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Safe travels! Definitely looking forward to your maintenance clinic.


What IS the process for Wed afternoon arrival - is there a suggested transportation option to call?

Information published - I am willing to pay - just need to know the process please


I’m thinking of just trying for an Uber.