Ground Transport from Dallas Love (DAL) to M13

For a variety of reasons to long to list here, I’m going commercial to M13[:’(]

If anyone else if flying to to Dallas Love Field, I have a rental car booked and will be happy to give you a ride. I land at DAL at 1:30pm on Thursday, Sept 10 and depart 1:45pm on Sunday, Sept 13.


I think we are in a similar time frame.

I’ll check schedule now.


Arrive at 1346 and depart 1430

Maybe taxi?

Taxi round trip wasn’t much better than 4 days of car rental. The shuttle is a milk run with multiple stops. I’m sticking with the car unless you can find a limo for less.

Joyce and I are coming in Wednesday night – arrive Love Field at 10:42 pm. Will rent a car because we’re visiting relatives after Migration. If anyone else is coming in Wednesday evening, We’ll be happy to give you a ride.

I will also be sporting the scarlet letter of Southwest and flying into KDAL 2:15 Thursday. Have a rental car if anybody needs a ride

FYI, for those renting a car be sure to check what the hotel is charging for parking.

I just called. The South Lot is no charge. Covered parking is $10 unlimited in and out. Valet is $19 unlimited in an out. Amazing how we Cirrus driver spend hundreds of thousands on our planes and still nickel and dime the parking charges [:P]

FYI, my rental car for 3 days is $180 with tax, so it’s a bit more than a taxi, but I’ll have the use of the car while I’m there.

For anyone flying into DFW, I’m arriving there on the 10th at 12:32 and departing on the 13th at 11:45. I’m happy to share my Enterprise roller skate with anyone who needs a ride.

The internet estimates the taxi fare at $52-$60 each way from DFW. The econo-box is costing me 90 bucks. (So clearly you may expect a much more humble ride than Scott is offering!)

Impressive. We can’t do that in California. Arrive 45 minutes before we leave.

Can you tune my Cirrus up for that?

Be good to see you there.



UberX is about $20 each way- FYI…

Yes, but can Uber pick up passengers at DAL? I heard they could only drop off.


I checked notams and

we are into DFW…



I’m ditching the car and going Uber:

Scott I just sent you a pm. I have an available seat if you want to fly with me.details in the pm.

Hi, Scott!

Actually, you were given a little misinformation. For M13 attendees staying at InterContinental, covered parking is free. But, you have to get your ticket validated at the front desk by mentioning that you’re attending M13. I don’t know the exact procedure but free parking is part of our contract with InterContinental. [:D]


a) It won’t matter, I’m going Uber;

b) I didn’t tell the front desk I was part of COPA. Forgot we get VIP treatment

LOL! For anyone who IS driving, I just found out that the InterContinental is going to give us a certain number of parking tokens - Donna Cregar will have them at Check-In. (We’ll turn in unused tokens to the hotel after Migration.) Personally, I’d just park outside in the lot - doesn’t require tokens and is closer to the main hotel entrance. [;)]