Migration 2022 Trip Planning

Signed up to attend my first Migration. I’m planning on flying from KGKY to KFHB. My initial plan is to fly about 3 hours and land for fuel. Looking for suggestions on airports in Alabama. Besides having great fuel prices having nearby fun/interesting restaurant is a plus.

Second Question- Is Uber or other alternative transportation available or is a renting a car a better idea?

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I will let others jump in about stops.


We will be running shuttles from the Airport to the Hotel Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday.

We will also be running a shuttle to Jacksonville for commercial service on Sunday, as the Uber/lyft aval. Sunday AM are not likely to be great.


Thank you for the follow up. Is Bent Wing Flight Services going to be the host FBO?

I was looking at the FBO information in ForeFlight and the FBO doesn’t publish it’s fees. Some of the comments alluded to the lack of transparency. None of us mind buying fuel to offset some of their costs, but knowing the costs beforehand is helpful.

Can anyone share the info they have?


This information will be shared in exacting detail soon, please keep an eye on the forums, your email, and COPA Pilot Magazine for all the details.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’m looking forward to the event.

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Remember when you are getting a fuel discount some of us poor soles burn jet A

Jet A shoes, now there’s an idea! :wink:

[Channeling GAF]

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Some times I type too fast. I am a pour soul. Give me a break or is it brake???/:joy::joy::joy:


Thanks for that commitment to us poor travelers on commercial airlines!! Have a Sunday afternoon departure, so expect that will work well.

Arrival is on Wed 10/5 at 7:25pm on United from IAD. Any other folks arriving then to share an Uber ride?


I am a few hours later and am concerned about an UBER that late

My wife and I are due in at 11:59 and are concerned as well.

A tactic that I’ve used other times/places is to check availability on the Uber app a few days ahead at the arrival time at the airport (easy for Scott & I being on west coast time checking for evening times on the east coast!)

For example, a Uber is 7 minutes away right now for a 7:30pm EDT arrival, so I expect to have choices on Wed.


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My wife and I arrive at 11:45 SWA from ATL on Thursday and have a rental car reserved if anyone needs a ride.

John and Debbie Owen

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Just cancelled my UBER reservation and went here. Half the price. I have a van at 11:40pm Wednesday if anyonme else needs a ride

Here is another option:


Shuttle to/from Ritz Carlton and The Omni, Amelia Island

Kaylene W 2 weeks ago- Best Customer Service! I had the pleasure of working with EZ Airport Shuttle in mid-February 2018. They arranged transportation for a

On Wednesday, almost Thursday? See my post. I could change time and wait for you…

I did that… A lot differnt at 11:45pm!

@Spholder Please add my wife and I to your EZ Shuttle! We arrive on AA1305 from DFW at 11:59PM (Gate C6).

Edit: Do I need to call them to give them my credit car and flight info?

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Ok, I will contact them tomorrow and delay my departure.
No, I paid. We are good