Dallas suggestions

May be going to Dallas tomorrow. Any suggestions on fields to use. Is Love Field fairly GA friendly. Any other suggestions much appreciated.



I fly to Dallas often. In fact, I was just there last week. I always fly into ADS. There are numerous FBOs on the field. I have used Million-aire exclusively. None of them have cheap avgas (expect to pay around $3.00/gal), but Million-aire offers exceptional service whether you are a Cirrus or a Citation (and I have flown in both ways:)…I have been into ADS at least 6 times in the last 6 months and never had a bad experience.

FYI, they rent Hertz…


ditto on Addison. Convenient, and we have always had good experiences there. They also have a Cirrus service center there if you need something done. The locals have suggested to me to come in VFR with flight following whenever possible, and you usually get direct routing. If you come in IFR you will almost certainly get vectors and an arrival procedure.