Fuel stains

Has anyone found a good way to remove fuel stains from the paint? I’ve got a few underneath the fuselage and under one wing. Not a leak, just some overflow from expansion.



I was advised for cleaning the bottom of grime. To use Grease lighting it also with a lttle work takes the blue off also. You can get it at lowes. At least thats were I get it. Realy works great on the exhaust stains. From Don

I use Wash Wax All Cleaner - heavy duty and it works great for fuel and oil stains. A 32 oz bottle cost about $9.00. You can call 1-800-927-4929 or visit their website at www.washwax.com.

SR22 (0136)

Don you beat me to the punch! :slight_smile: I was going to suggest to Konrad to use the Greased Lightning and also tell him that you had success with the stuff. Looks like I need to get to the web site more than once a day if I’m going to “one up” ya!! Glad to see that the “stuff” is still working for you Don.