Stains on Bottom

I posted this on Members forum but not Much responce I would like to know how to get the exhaust stains off the bottom of my sr20.I have tried gojoe hand cleaner and washwax all heavy duty.And rubing alcahol.I can get 60 percent but the rest is rely tuff. And to get what i did off was a lot of rubing From Don

Try a product called Greased Lightning it seems to handle almost any stain. Although I personally don’t have any experience specifically on exhaust stains

[‘grease lighing’ or another terrific heavy duty degreaser is ‘PURPLE’…watch it, the purple stuff sprayed or spilled on you will burn and sting like hell…keep it on the quickly off the plane…you could eat off the bottom of my belly…we’ll the plane’s anyway. I hace found washwaxall reg. or HD to be adequate as a mild cleaner but it really sucks in the ‘waxing’ department.
don rennie

Thanks do you know were to get this product I will search the internet. From Don

Got some today works like a champ very low labor thanks for the info the best thing I ever used on the botom of a plane from Don

I believe that you can by direct from their web site, however I think that stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc. are starting to carry it.

yes I ment say I did get it at lowes Not expensive used about 1 dollers worth on the intire botom,

Was it the grease lightning that you used??