Goodby COPA, Hello COPA 2.0

At 10:40pm PDT we brought down the server that has run COPA’s website for the last 7 years. This is our new software platform. If you are not a COPA member, please look around the public areas of our website, which we have greatly enhanced. The improvement insider are even more significant; if you are involved with Cirrus aircraft or are just looking for one of the most vibrant groups of pilots around, please consider joining. You get 6 issues a year of a great magazine, too!

What a thrill!

For a few minutes I have been without any access to my beloved COPA site, waiting for the email confirming my reset password…

It works.

Mazaltov, bienvenüe, bonne chance COPA 2.0!!!

And those are 7 calendar years, not Internet years! [;)]

For those new to COPA, a personal testamonial. It was the COPA forum activity 7 years ago that convinced me that I was in a great community, passionate about flying safely, and so I bought an SR22 without ever having flown one.

I learned a lot from Steve Lin’s work on the original wwwthreads forum, so much so that I created two more communities elsewhere. And now I have a huge amount of respect for the talented team of COPA members who volunteered to bring COPA 2.0 to life! Thanks. [<:o)]


Truley one of the most important tools in aviation. I pay my COPA subscription before anything else. It just makes us all better pilots. SR/20 774PT.