New Membership Database


I’ve implemented a new database mechanism for storing and processing the COPA membership database.

I sure hope I’ve covered all the bases but there is a LOT of stuff that touches the member database (forums, cppp, new member sign-up, the directory, the map-out-the-cirrus-owners function, the need-a-ride functions, etc.) so I’m sure that chances are that I missed something.

So, please be alert for any “weird” behavior you see in the next couple days, and also please alert me to anything you think might be a bug. (

Anyway, as you get a chance, please go to either the Control Panel here in the forums or to the Member Directory from the main COPA page, and Edit your personal information – please verify all the info we have is correct. There’s also an oppotunity to describe your satisfaction with various Cirrus components, assuming you are a COPA member and assuming you already have a plane!

When we receive a large number of replies, I will create a page where members can view the aggregated data collected.

Once things seem to be stable for a few days, I’ll be sending out an email to those people whose memberships expire in October with instructions for renewal.

Thanks in advance for your patience over the next few days as we find and squish any bugs related to this changeover.


P.S. This also fixed the bug in which the # of members was overestimated on the main forum screen (I mentioned this a couple weeks back); the new number is correct.