To all new COPA members in the last 6 weeks or anyone who has renewed their membership during that time:

We have had a few computer anomalies in the last few weeks which may have influenced the activation of your COPA membership. If you have recently signed up to join COPA and find that you CANNOT get onto the Member’s Forum, please let me know and we will get the problem fixed ASAP. Please email me if you have been having problems at "] [/email].

I really recommend it. I don’t own a Cirrus (likely someday) but have found this website and its forums to be a community of the most intelligent, engaging, thoughtful, and enjoyable pilots. Access to the members’ forum will double your fun. My personal thanks to Marty, Brian, Mike, Gordon, Steve, and anyone else on the COPA board whom I’ve left out

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just hope we have not denied anyone the opportunity to participate on the Member’s site over the last month. Please let me know if anyone has had problems.