garmin software

Does anyone out there know of a company that makes tutorial software for the Garmin 430? I find the download off the Garmin site confusing and am wondering if there are any alternatives.

King has a CD that works you through all phases of flight. It is more reading than hands on though. You can play with a few buttons on the screen as you work your way though the program, but it is limited.

Garmin also has a training video. I have it, and it isn’t bad. I also have the ASA CD ROM, and it is also good, and quite detailed. Garmin will also sell you a printed manual (I think it’s $8.) I found it a lot easier using the printed version than the PDF. These materials are all inexpensive and if you go through each you will probably know more about the box than most CFIs who teach in GNS430-equipped aircraft.

Try ASA GPS Trainer. Comes on CD for your computer, it’s an interactive tutorial for the GNS 430, KLN 89B, and the GX 50/60. It’s not to bad, I used it for the KLN 89B and it was useful, much better than just the simulator, it takes you through entering flight plans, etc.

I am assuming it is equally useful for the GNS 430.


Query: Are the ASA and Garmin materials also applicable to the 530, or do they have comparable training materials for the 530?



I have both. The Garmin video covers the 430 AND the 530.
BTW, I like it. Don’t recall if ASA’s CD covers the 530.

ASA’s GPS Trainer only covers the 430 for Garmin. Very useful - I went though it once prior to delivery, now going through the highlights again now that I have the plane ( to avoid the befuddlements that occasionally occur ).