CAPS 2023 prices

I’m trying to see if anyone is getting quoted to repack their gen 1 cirrus sr22 for under $20,000 in 2023. I don’t want to hear about prices from more than a year ago. I’m getting quotes from $24 to $35k. It’s amazing that the price has gone up 100% in ten years. I think there are many people like me trying to find a reasonable price

I got quotes 2-3 weeks ago for a G1 that were both right at $30,000.

In July 2021, I was soft-quoted $18,000. It was “soft” because I made it clear my repack wasn’t due until 2026 but wanted to get a gauge for what I should be budgeting. None of that matters though so would be good to hear what others are paying, now.

I got a quote from January from a place in Oregon for <$20k, but it didn’t include an MCU replacement / conversion.

Current quote is from DLK at just under $31k, but it includes provision for an MCU upgrade I don’t believe I need which is about $5k. So looking like ~$25k for a G1.

Currently on the schedule for a chute repack at FlyAdvanced in early September for $20,000. The quote and deposit were made in January.


Mine is being done now in Glendale. Right around $20K. Glendale Aero Services

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I made a few calls at the end of last year and beginning of this one and was getting prices in the $22k range. But when I finally got serious about booking my appointment a few weeks ago (chute due in November), the prices had gone up - everything I got from a reputable shop was in the $25 to $30k range. I did get one or two low ball quotes in the $18 to $25k range from shops I was not familiar with, but when I asked them things like “here’s my MCU part number, does it need to be upgraded or replaced?” or “you know this is a G1 and requires body and paint work, right?”, the answers I got from those shops was less than confidence inspiring.

So I went with a $25k place.


Chute price from Cirrus went up $2500 around Jan 15th.

I appreciate your responses. It seems everyone is getting the same ballpark range. DLK seems to be the most expensive I gotten so far. It (the CAPS) has to be done but with prices this high, I would definitely reconsider a cirrus if I was in the market for one since 25 to 30k could buy a nice avionics retrofit or gas for probably five years or even half of an overhaul. My last replacement was 12k and It’s now $3,000 a year for the parachute which is pricy for us with older units. That amounts to 10% of the airplane. I guess if you buy a new one for a million, it seems like chump change. Nonetheless, gotta get it done. Of note, cirrus extended the deadline for most CAPS overhauls to 11 years, probably because of supply chain issues.

“Nonetheless, gotta get it done. Of note, cirrus extended the deadline for most CAPS overhauls to 11 years, probably because of supply chain issues.”

Is this all Cirrus serial numbers?

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Hardly, the AMM revision only extended the caps interval for a limited number of early assemblies.

The extension also does not persist after the affected parts are replaced, the next cycle will once again be 10 years (provided the AMM remains as written).

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DLK is telling up front the MCU replacement as total cost.

No shop can tell if the MCU will work until they are into it as I understand.

Prepare for the worst.


Certain parachute and rocket numbers are extended. I have that information in my book if you want it.

Update: I got multiple estimates from multiple sources for my Gen 1 SR2. Prices are all over the place but most are between $24k and $30k. I had an estimate from APG in punta gorda which was around $20.5k but that didn’t include shipping or paint repair which would be around $4000 and thus the final cost was probable $24k. One estimate for $40k was from Miami. Thus expect around $25k for a gen one and $21k for a gen 2 or later. Hope this helps

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Final update. Had my chute changed by southern sky aviation for under $24k. They did a great job. It was easy to get a commercial flight to and from KBHM via delta or southwest. I highly recommend them


I have a 2003 G1 SR22, my current CAPS qualified for the one year extension. My cost for CAPS which is due this year 2024 (already deposited in 2023) is $18,259.86. That price includes repack, rocket and paint/body work. Note, I already do have a MCU 120 and the rocket shelf ground wire SB complied with. I’m using Kim Davidson Aviation in Santa Monica, CA.

If that ends up being true then good for you. I contacted about ten centers in the southeast and the lowest was $23k which is what I took. I had one place in Miami suggest $40k.