Hello everyone,

The forums were down since Saturday; they are back up again now. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hope it didn’t mess up any last minute planning for the Palm Springs fly-in.


P.S. For “inquiring minds” - the mySQL database containing the recency-of-login information somehow got corrupted; this has never happened before so I am guessing that something really weird happened like the ISP’s MySQL server dying at exactly the wrong time. When I return from Europe I plan to make backups of all our databases “just in case”!

Enjoy your vacation / trip. We all owe you a drink for all the work you have done on the forum.

Not all the drinks on the same day and not before flying.

Since the Forums came back online the links to the individual Forms on the home page aren’t working for me. They all go to the general Forums page rather than directly to the selected forum. Is anyone else experiencing this symptom?


The “links” problem on the home page is my fault – when the forum was down, I (or my designees!) changed the home page so that those links were “grayed out”, and I didn’t put them back correctly. Please bear with us – I’d rather leave the “Tending O’ The Homepage” to our much more capable Webmeister, Steve Lin, who’s still on a very well earned vacation. [At least the forums are working now!]


Jim & All,

The buttons now have their original meaning (each will take you to the designated forum). You may or may not have to “Refresh” your browser after going to the COPA Home Page in order to get the new functionality.


P.S. I just got back into town yesterday – for those who have written to in the last 10 days or so, please bear with me for a day or two (or three) while I catch up on the accumulated mail.

P.P.S. There were several of you who wrote to say the forums were broken (when they were broken). Although I usually try to respond to each mail I get, I am not planning to respond to all of those who said the forums were down since (a) they are no longer down, (b) there were a LOT of people who wrote me, and © I wouldn’t have much to say in my reply other than ‘they’re back up’. So don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to you! [:)]

Same here.


It’s a minor inconvenience. I’m sure we can click one extra time until Steve gets back.


Of course. I read the forum so much anyway my finger is about the only part that gets any exercise.


I’m confirming that the forums are working as advertised.