New Server


I believe most of the site has been transitioned to the new server, and I’ve re-enabled some of the minor features like the “COPA Member” flag, etc.

Couple notes:

  • There was about a 5 minute period of time during which new posts/replies could have possibly been lost. (Hopefully not, but if you posted something today around 1:30 pm EDT and you don’t see it here, it might have slipped into that black hole. We did not purposely delete any posts!)

  • There was a reported bug regarding the “Next In Thread” functionality which I have yet to try to track down. But it should work as well as it used to, at any rate.

  • Some parts of the site have not been transfered yet. But the forums have, and that is the part which sees the most traffic. So I am hopeful that the speed problems should now be resolved.

  • This was a fairly traumatic change, so if you see any broken stuff, please bear with me and let me know!


Thank you very much for your hard work! The speed has increased tremendously for me.

BIG difference. THANK YOU

Just one problem I noticed - the opening forum page ( seems to need to be manually refreshed whereas before it always was up-to-date - this is presumably some change in the Expires or various cache-related HTTP headers.

Seems to be working very well (and fast). Enjoy the Next in Thread feature and glad to have it back.

Thanks for all the good work.

Great job! No more delays. Yippee!


Given that the old server was giving occasionally good response time (but mostly frustratingly slow), I wanted to confirm that the service really is as good as it seems to be. It is… wow… it’s great!

Thanks - the improvement is obvious, and much appreciated. I probably spend as much time on here as anyone, so I appreciate the consistently snappy response we’re seeing now.

I think you said that this should be good until we hit 2,000 members… so, what will we do in six months? [;)]



Thanks for this improvement and for all that you and the others do to make this COPA site so valuable.


What a difference! I’m sitting in a hotel in Duluth waiting to get out of bad weather and fly N224AZ home. Checking the COPA site on a “land line” …it’s fast!

Your good!

Walt N224AZ