Forums need a lighter side

If one steps back and reflects on the content of both the public and members’ forums, there’s a lot of (a) technical Q’s & A’s, and (b) reports/complaints about squawks, things going wrong or breaking, etc. All understandable, useful, even necessary…but if I were new to the forums and considering a Cirrus, my first impression would be along the lines of “Cripes, isn’t anyone having any FUN with these planes?”

I for one would enjoy reading more about owners’ interesting times with their Cirri, on the ground and in the air.

My own most recent rewarding Cirrus experience was in the SR20 as an Angel Flight pilot. The passengers were a young couple with 2 little kids living in the Sierra foothills. The husband had been undergoing repeated treatments for head/neck cancer at Stanford–a nasty and dangerous disease–and had recently been diagnosed with half a dozen new tumors for which daily radiation treatments were required. They made an unusual request to Angel Flight West: daily flights to and from their home to Palo Alto for treatment over a 4 week period, about 40 flights in all. 45 minute flight vs 3+ hour drive each way. This would allow them to be with their kids every evening during the treatments, time which was doubtless precious given the seriousness of his condition. Within less than a day AF was able to round up more than enough volunteer pilots and back-up pilots for the 40 flights. Tina and I did 2 of them, a week apart, flying them back home in the afternoon. We were fortunately blessed by good weather both times, and we included a Bay Tour for them on the way home. This couple was extraordinarily gracious and grateful to AF for helping out during their time of serious need. They also remarked both times about how nice the SR20 was to ride in as a passenger: roomy, comfortable, NEW, with great visibility. For those of you who haven’t thought about volunteer flying such as Angel FLight, I really recommend it. Tina and I got a great feeling from being able to help this couple and make their lives just a little easier during a very stressful period.

Kevin Moore
SR20 860P & 260se/stol 812KT


Nice story and I for one enjoyed the read.

I agree with you I would love to see more stories on flights. I like flying places for that “$100” hamburger along the east coast. It would be great to hear from others as to where they have been and their flights getting there.

SR22 #226 is being picked up on 5/9 so I look forward to sharing that experience.


Speaking of fun, the boss and I are planning to hit the road after picking up and training in our SR20 on May 2nd. After visiting in the Dakotas I was going to head for Mackinac Island and stay in the Grand Hotel, from there I was going to head for Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Bar Harbor. Any tour directors out there with experience and recommendations please e-mail or post. Perhaps we can develop a Travel Channel type forum someday.

For those of you who haven’t thought about volunteer flying such as Angel FLight, I really recommend it.

I thought about, I even tried it. I sent applications to VPA as well as Angel Flight East. I have herd nothing further from either. Any suggestions on how to join?

O.K., here’s a good one for you!

I made a business trip from HKY to MAC (Macon, GA) three weeks ago. I arrived Friday afternoon, just as the local EAA chapter was starting their annual fly-in weekend at the airport. They thought I was a Cirrus Rep. coming to show off the airplane! I explained that, sorry, but I was just a private pilot in town on business. The Air Boss for the event asked if I’d mind having my plane tied down as the center piece of the static display! Of course I said “sure, but I’m not leaving it unlocked!” When I came back to the airport to leave on Sunday morning, I was swarmed by folks wanting a tour of the plane and begging for rides. The short version is that I ended up spending the afternoon taking about 2 dozen people up for “demo” rides - for which the chapter bought the gas, And, the Air Boss is going to swap a “demo” ride in the B1-B he normally flies out of the local airforce base for his demo ride in my plane! (getting permission/clearance right now…) An amazingly enjoyable afternoon for me!

BTW, they posted a bunch of pics of their fly-in. Here’s the link:

Last night I got invited to a reception for Erik Lindbergh (wrangled a non-rich person ticket) and hob-nobbed with St. Louis’s movers & shakers. Nice guy (Erik), although I think he picked the wrong plane (didn’t tell him that, although I did remind him if he got into bad weather over the Atlantic, not to forget turn, time, twist, throttle, talk).

Guess who was there, in the flesh - John & Martha King(my favorite aviation media celebrities). What an increcibly nice couple! After I failed to introduce Donna (whoops) they kind of meandered around me and introduced themselves to her. They went on and on about the Cirrus, and what a great plane they thought it was. Said I was smart to get in early. They made a point of telling Donna (by name) that they enjoyed chatting with her. (I suspect they enjoyed taking to me too.)

I’ve heard a number of times what nice people they are, and my experience was consistent with that.


Nice post I also do the angle flight out of Las Vegas in the winters to busy in the summer but I do have time in the winter I do flights for agroup here very rewarding stuff From Don

Bill can you fit me in your pocket for the B-1B ride? I promise that you won’t even know I’m there!!! :wink: