Fun things to do with your new Cirrus

When you get your new Cirrus, why not invite your friends to an “airplane open house” at your airport? My airplane partner Glenn Beltz, his wife Danielle, my wife Caroline, and I (collectively known as Airways) did this today with our brand-new SR20. The good folks at our local FBO ( Air Center in Barbara, CA) let us commandeer part of their lounge to set out refreshments, and also let us park the SR20 right in front.

The “airplane open house” was a great way to bring our non-pilot friends to the airport and get them together with our pilot friends. In addition, several other local and transient pilots happened by and were both amazed and delighted by our new bird. Among these were the crew of a C-130H from the 152nd Airlift Wing, Nevada Air National Guard — my wife told them that they could see our airplane if they let us see theirs! The resulting 45-minute, in-depth tour was a special treat. (The elevator on a C-130H is about the same size as the SR20’s wing.)

So — try an “airplane open house” at your airport. It’ll be a lot of fun!

Glenn, be careful my wife say’s size does matter…:}.Ed

Ed, you may have a point. My wife did comment that the C-130 commander was rather handsome… :slight_smile:

…and mine respects my authority, no matter what airplane we’re flying.