Flight sim Cirrus modules?

I have loaded Flight Sim 2004 but don’t see how to load new (SR2x) aircraft modules.

Is it possilble?

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I have loaded Flight Sim 2004

Can we get a pilot report. I’m interested in upgrading but I believe I would have to dump my 400MHz Pentium desktop.


I guess it all depends on how many of the features you need to have on to enjoy the sim, but I just replaced my 200mhz system because I couldn’t run FS2002 very well. I bought FS2004 and have flown it only a few times. The big difference you will notice right away is the clouds. They are much more realistic looking. However, they don’t act like clouds really act and it seems like they use a lot of computing power in the sim.
I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my system after about five years of living with the 200mhz processor. Now, I am using a 3 Ghz processor with a high powered 128mb video card. I am happy to report FS2004 runs well on this system, although I have had to shut the game down and restart it a few times when frame rates got real slow as a result of changing some graphics settings. After reloading the game, it ran fine with the new, higher settings.
As far as the new aircraft go, well, you have to be into flying historically significant aircraft to really enjoy it. Personally, after I have flown one of these a few times, I loose interest. There really aren’t any truly interesting modern aircraft added to FS2004.

My 2 cents.

In the early days of MS Flight Simulator a new version meant a new computer. It was the ultimate resource hog. Today FS 2004 requires a fairly new machine but having run it I do not think it is worth it, unless you are into the visuals.

However I would strongly recommend the new Garmin add in from Reality XP. (This is not the poor man’s Garmin Microsoft has included in FS 2004) Reality’s is the actual Garmin 400/500 trainer with full world wide database running in a window, fully synchronized with Flight Simulator.

It is easily worth $500 of flight and instructor time per year as a way to keep current.

You will probably need a new PC to run it. But then you will be ready for the full glass panel Meridian and Cirrus that I believe Reality will be releasing soon. These panels are nothing like the limited functionality seen in PC sims to date. They recreate all switches and button pushes - amazing stuff.