SR2x for flight sim questions...

hi all…

i have searched back through the archives and have not been able to find anything solid on any models of either the SR20 or the SR22 for Flight Sim (2004.) i did find the Cirrus SR20 v.1 on Simviation, but i have not installed it yet due to reading mediocre reviews, and i am also aware of what is going on over at flightfactory-simulations so, my question is… are there any Cirrus for flight sim right now until Flight Factory is done with their payware version? if so, could someone point me in that direction. i’m going crazy waiting…

and on a side note, has anyone heard of any work being done on the garmin 1000, for flight sim as well?


I keep hoping the next release of X-Plane will have an SR22 model since the author of X-Plane owns one.


I was the one that put the models for Fs2000, and 2002 on the COPA site. I am working on an update for the Fs2004, but have not fund the time to finish. The Garmin 500 was giving me a lot of grief, plus Microsoft changed a bunch of things around on the latest version. I really was expecting Flight Factory Simulations to have their SRXX. ready by now.


Any word on when Flite Factory will release theirs?