Cirrus SR2X For FS2002

Flight Factory-Simulations will be releasing a Cirrus SR-20 & a SR-22 package this spring. They have screenshots of their aircraft design in their forum. They link is here: Factory-Simulations Forum

The shots look great! Are any panels available to see yet?


very nice!

pls re-post when it’s all done.

of course eventually you’ll have to put in the deployment of the parachute…:wink:


We should have panel pictures available in the coming weeks. Please keep checking back in our forum. We will post all images there. Thanks for the comment on the pictures!

Kathryn Rau
FFS President

HI all…I am a flight sim enthusiast…that is going for the ppl as soon as I find the time ( and money to do it here in Greece = approx cost 7000-9000 Euro for PPL !!!)
and have been reading magazines and trying to learn as much as I can…
After a nice flight (real not sim) with a cessna 172 when gspeed ended up 77kts at 8000ft I decided that either I find a fastest plane or forget about GA in Greece It would turn out too damn difficult…to enjoy it…
So an article in plane and pilot for Cirrus SR22 really OPENED my eyes…and I mean wide open!!!
the money for such a beauty is sure a lot but …if you are going to dream …dream big right??
After this revelation…I started looking for a sim model for fs2002 (at least to enjoy it at home…) and I come to the conclusion of this thread (with my apologies)
Except your sr22 isnt any other model available for fs2002 (good enough to use as real as it gets…not just to say I am flying it…!) if not …then I ll have to wait for your release!!
feel free to contact me at if you have any info for a model of sr22
since I just joined to post this reply…(found the site through google …so wont be coming back…I feel too jealous for all you guys OWNING a cirrus…
if anyone flies to Greece and wants to show off please contact me!!! I dont think there is any sr22 beauty arround…
thanks and I apogise for the long post
dimitris Pantoleon
Athens Greece