SR22 delivery experience

Really enjoyed this Paul–terrific job!

I’m sure that 190 KTAS on the trip to CA will elicit some comments.

Look forward to seeing your baby on the ramp at PAO!


This is simply to thank you for your fine efforts in putting together your N415PJ delivery experience. It is a most enjoyable read, and the pictures certainly bring it alive.



Great post! It was fun to revisit the trip despite the weather. Never, even after living in Minnesota for nearly 30 years, have I encountered such dismissal weather that came at the exact time when we wanted to fly. Forty degree weather in SAF was a welcome relief from -15. To put it in perspective, it is probably 40 dgrees WARMER on the inside of your freezer that it was when we left DLH.

Having an opportunity to fly the SR22 and comparing that with the SR20, I can report they handle nearly the same. Of course the exception is the power and performance. Ground handling is the same, but when you put the pedal to the metal it screams. Acceleration is awesome. You get to 70 KIAS quickly and rotate. When I flew with Gary Black we climbed out at over 2000 FPM at 110 KIAS! Gary and I are both 6’4" … although he is a light weight we still had over 400 pounds in the front seats.

The SR22 truly is the testosterone version of the SR20.

Totally awesome web page!! Errr, I mean, this web page doesn’t totally suck. Exceeds expectations.


Bravo and thank you so much on behalf of everyone. That web page report must have taken some time to put together. Outstanding.

FWIW – you made a very wise decision in leaving your bird at PSP. I spent the last 5 days trying to get from Santa Monica just up to Santa Maria and with freezing levels down to SURFACE! and tops in the 20’s, I can tell you no one was flying anywhere from the LA BASIN to Las Vegasunless they were in something like that challenger you flew in. I tried it yesterday… didn’t make it too far.

BTW – how is it exactly that you find these friendly rides to help you. Can I learn that somewhere?