Travel from Duluth

I will be flying my SR20 from Duluth to Las Vagas,Nv. The first week of Oct. Would like to go direct one stop. Has anyone done this and if so.What airport would you reccomend for me to stop at say 600 to 700 nautical miles from duluth.And are the mountins to high for the SR20. I have flown the southern route from Detroit several times but never went this way or with thius airplane.I used to have a Trinidad . Now I have My Cirrus SR20 by the way I have IFR rating and C modle . Would like to have lunch when I stop. Or a room if weather or to much head winds. Thanks From Don N705DM

> And are the mountins to high for the SR20.


I flew my SR20 west over the Rockies towards Portland in the north, and back from San Diego toward Denver. The highest altitude I climbed to was 16,000 feet, although in the summer temps, the Density Altitude was 18,200 feet (actually above the official service ceiling). It gets there, but veeeery slowly. Don’t expect snappy performance, and don’t forget the O2; and get a really, really good weather briefing.

  • Mike.

PS - CAPS seems like a really, really good idea when you’re in the middle of nowhere, with tall peaks below. I usually leave the safety pin installed, but on these flights I pulled it.

While we’re on the subject, I’ll be flying from DC to Vegas the second week of November. Looking for anyone’s advice on routing. I’m interested in the Southern route.


I can tell go alittle south acctuly down to las vagas new mexico.then up to las vagas nv. I dont think I ever went over 12,000 and I was ifr flight plan all the way when your there give a e mail before you go if I can help you with anything. I would sugest you park were i keep my plane out there in the winter north las vagas.( VGT) Or henderson not as good of facilitysA little further from the strip than Macaren but if you are renting acar no big deal but macarren is rite on the strip but you pay for it. But VGT treats you very good have a nice flight when come out. FRom Don N705DM


From DC, find your way to north Texas across the panhandle at Amarillo. From there, follow I-40 (that’s original “IFR” flying BTW) westward toward Santa Fe. From there, you can either head on west toward Las Vegas, Nevada or take the scenic route a bit northwest to the Farmington area. I prefer the scenery better from Farmington west to the Grand Canyon. There’s Shiprock, Monument Valley, Navajo Mountain, Lake Powell, and then the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to the Grand Canyon. Awesome sites and great for pictures.

From Grand Canyon, you simply keep heading west to Vegas where the wild life awaits your pleasure.

Have a great trip.


Don sounds good. I was planning on North Las Vegas. You going to be there 11/10 through 11/17?

Thanks Pete!

I concur with Pete. Southern Utah/northern Arizona is not to be missed. I flew this area with my son in late August and it was eye-popping. Meander a little bit north while you’re there for Canyonlands and Capitol Reef. Staying at Gouldings at Monument Valley is a fine experience too, although you may wish to call ahead to ascertain whether the packed dirt runway–only 800 feet of it paved, the other 3200+ feet is dirt–is in good enough shape that day for the Cirrus’ dainty feet. Of course it was no problem for the 260se…

Yes I will be there about the same time maybe a day or so sooner.I live there all winter. IF I am delayed I have ashade hanger you can use to keep off the ramp. Altohugh I do plan on being there by the 8 of NOV weather permiting cant do no ice. from Don N705DM